Terms & Conditions

Our Terms & Conditions may change over time, so please review them before using our services. By using our services, you agree to these Terms and Conditions.

About Our Services

Definition: In these Terms & Conditions, "Tripee" refers to our company, "Ticket" is your flight itinerary, "Website" is our online platform, and various terms related to flights and properties are defined.

Applicability: These Terms & Conditions apply to flights and properties booked through Tripee.

Language: These Terms & Conditions are in English, and English is the primary language for interpretation.

E-Tickets / Itinerary / Booking Code

Proof of Contract: These Terms & Conditions, along with the Conditions of Contract, form the contract between you and Tripee.

Transferability: The contract is not transferable unless specified.

Validity: Your itinerary and booking code are valid only for the specified passenger and service.

Identity: Proper identification is required during check-in.


General: Fares cover flight costs, and property prices cover room reservations. Additional fees and taxes may apply.

Infants: Special provisions exist for infants traveling with you.

Government Taxes, Charges, and Insurance Surcharges: Additional charges may apply based on government regulations and property services.

Currency: Payment is typically in the currency specified in our fares or by the airline or property.